The Story of BIKEWORKX

1970s. Once upon a time in Czechoslovakia

During communism, you couldn’t really be a pro cyclist. If you were among the top, you were just riding for the country and belonged to one of the top sport clubs.

That’s what Zdenek Nacházel did, riding for the prestigious Sparta Praha and Dukla Louny.

1991. Getting into the lubricant industry

In 1989, the communist regime fell and a new era started for the Czech and Slovakian people.

It was a land of opportunities so young Zdenek founded his own company, Nacházel Ltd, and started to produce and distribute high performing lubes to local industries.

1999. A “Star” is born

A leading producer of chains asked Zdenek to create a lube that was specific for their product as a private label. Zdenek delivered but the company changed their mind last minute. Feedback about the product was so good that Zdenek thought to launch it on the market and enter the bicycle care industry. That product was “Chain Star Extreme” shortly followed by “Chain Star Normal”. The Star Collection was born.

2011. BIKEWORKX becomes the leading Czech brand

The “Chain Star” products eventually became a must-have in every cyclists garage. With the help of his son Zdenek Jr., Zdenek expanded the portfolio and named the product range BIKEWORKX. Soon they became the top bicycle care brand in the Czech Republic and also particularly strong in Germany thanks to private labels.

2021. Thirty years later…

More than 30 years in the mission, BWX is still 100% family-owned and run in the Czech Republic, still driven to constantly improve the performance and eco-friendliness of its products.

The BWX portfolio consists of 30 products in different packaging sizes with a new modern look. BWX is sold in about 30 countries around the globe and counting.

Today, tomorrow. When rad chemists meet rad cyclists.

BIKEWORKX was created by cyclists and the management knows well that a team of top chemists would not be enough to deliver the best possible products.

That’s why BWX team includes pro cyclists like the 3 times Red Bull Rampage participant Richard Gasperotti.